Huh. The only TV I've been watching for months now is baseball and the World Cup. I'm watching the pre-game show for the World Cup final, and I saw a commercial for a new show on ABC - "No Ordinary Family". It looks like a different take on the whole "regular people get superpowers" theme. And you know what, it could be pretty good. Dare I say it, maybe it'll even be what Heroes should have been. I hope it's good and does well. I like it when sci-fi is mainstream. It'll be interesting to see, anyway.

Not sure who to cheer for in the World Cup final; I usually pull for the team who has never won the tournament before, but that's the case for both teams. I'm rather partial to the color orange, though...hmm. Hopefully it will be an entertaining game without too many shenanigans.

ETA: Five yellow cards in the first 28 minutes? Shenanigans are abounding, looks like. :\

ETA2: Wow, that game was hard to watch - so many fouls! Holland deserved to lose that mess. I vastly preferred the Germany-Uruguay match. It had much better flow. Anyway, congratulations Spain!

So, I've been kind of out of it when it comes to soccer lately, what with the Phillies winning the World Series and all (wow, just thinking about that never gets old!). So imagine my surprise when I went to and saw that the Eastern Conference champs were the Columbus Crew? I know that they've been phenomenal this year, but I still never expected them to get this far because...well, they're the Crew.

And now I see that they might be playing the final against either the Red Bulls or... RSL?! Wow! This is actually pretty exciting. What a stress relief not having your team in the finals can be! ; )

ETA: And the Red Bulls have won! This final is going to be pretty exciting because for the first time in a long while it won't feature DC United, the Revs (::sad::), LA Galaxy, or some incarnation of the old Earthquakes/Dynamo. Those are pretty much the teams I remember seeing in finals in the past since becoming a fan of MLS. Gotta make sure I clear my afternoon schedule (lol!) for Sunday, November 23rd!

ETA2: Since when is New York a part of the Western Conference? ::is confused::

Soccer games on ESPN2 tonight - yay! It must be April. :)

ETA: Oh, wow, bad day much?


Feb. 29th, 2008 07:53 pm

Because I've been a little overwhelmed with work and other boring nonsense, I totally missed the press conference yesterday that Philadelphia is getting a Major League Soccer team in 2010. GUYS! This is what I've been waiting for! I can't believe it! This is amazing!

It means that I'll finally be able to see the Revs play in person! :D :D

Seriously, one might think that I'd automatically support my new "home" team, but... I've loved the Revolution since they were last place underdogs lo, these many years ago. But, I'm open for a second-favorite-team. :)

Now, if only their supporters weren't called the "Sons of Ben". Dude, what about the ladies? I can't be the only girl in the Philly area who's a soccer fan...


Nov. 18th, 2007 02:23 pm

Oh. Oh. That was heart-breaking again.

You know what, though? I still love the Revolution, and I will not stop supporting them. I kinda wish I could just go and hug them all right now - must be the elementary teacher in me.

And Houston is an amazing team; if the Revs had to lose to any team, I'd want it to be them. Like the Revs, they work hard and work well together. Plus, there are no big name players like Beckham or Blanco for either team.

So, here's to next year being another great run for the Revs. It's going to be tough waiting til April for the new season...


Aug. 26th, 2007 04:00 pm

I got tickets to see Loreena McKennitt in October! :D :D :D


I'm really looking forward to fall. I'll be happy as a clam once the humidity ships on out of here. Fall flowers, fall colors, fall smells, fall food - oh, yeah, it is glorious. The stores around here already have their chrysanthemums in!

I may be going up to Boston with my family to visit my brother and/or something else up New England-way in mid-September. Here's to having some things to look forward to, anyway.


Here's also to the future success of the Women's National Team in the World Cup in China that's coming up! If there's one thing I like about watching the women's team play is that these gals, when they get knocked over, climb right back on their feet to keep playing. No flopping around to get a call, hobbling off the field, then coming right back on looking right-as-rain. I have yet to see the extreme theatrics that one witnesses during men's games when the women play.


Lastly, I've already broken down and brought work home with me for this weekend. That'll learn me. I guess that's enough procrastination for one afternoon, too. ::sigh::


Jul. 20th, 2007 01:06 pm

I watched the MLS All Star game last night, and it was a lot of fun (it's always fun when we win). I hadn't realized that Celtic was so close to the start of their season, so that was especially gratifying.

I have a confession, though. I admit that I was really hoping that Boruc would save EJ's pk. First of all, I just don't like seeing penalty kicks, period. The only goals I like are those from the run of play. They're the ones that are going to (hopefully) showcase your team's skills. That isn't to say that I won't take it if that's what helps my team to win, but it still doesn't sit perfectly right with me.

Secondly, the way EJ just flung his arms out oh-so-dramatically was lame, lame, lame. I disagree with Wynalda that it was a dive, but c'mon. Guys, you're soccer players, not salesmen. If it's a foul, then it's a foul, and it'll stand on its own. If not, well, that's why you pick yourself up and keep playing.

Needless to say, I was pleased to see the opposition do well on that point. And the good guys still won. Nice.

Dos a cero again!!! Bwahahahaha!

Man, am I glad I don't have work tomorrow... er, today... yeah.

I love how as I'm going through the BigSoccer in-game thread that there are three pages of comments all essentially saying "Gooooaaaaallll Coooooonraaaaaad!! Yeah Jimmy!!" It's thrilling to know that there are so many people, from all over the country and even overseas, all tuned into the same thing and rejoicing over something as beautiful as a clean header into the net for the home side. I can't stop grinning.


Ah, heartbreak.

Still love ya, Revs. It was obvious you played your hearts out today. The New England faithful will still be cheering for you, never fear. Here's to a restful and lucrative off-season for all of you.

ETA: For a bit of cheering-up, I found this link with a hermit crab. I may not be able to alter reality, but I can give a virtual hermit crab some weed.

The MLS All-Star game rocked my little world.

And I had to apologize to my cat for scaring the bejeezus out of him while yelling at the television set in glee.

Oh, Zidane. Why did you have to end it so ugly? What a shame.

Congratulations, Italy!

Oh! Oh!

Jul. 1st, 2006 06:51 pm

Oh yeah! Upset city! Vive le france!

It's not that I have anything against Brazil; it's just that I love it when the underdog wins. :-D

Now back to the family cookout...

So, uh, after Totti scored on his pk against Australia, was he flipping everyone off? I thought that's what it meant to bite one's thumb... or am I just hallucinating that memory of 9th grade English class and reading Romeo and Juliet?

And I wanted Australia to win, too. Rats.

uno a uno

Jun. 19th, 2006 09:19 pm

So where's the Jimmy Conrad love? He's got to be the funniest guy on any national team (and he shares for our amusement). How is it that I'm the only one in lj-land to have him listed in my interests? It's criminal, man, just criminal.


Am currently immersed in my week-long grad class. Uuuuugh. I'm afraid that my knees and spine have become permanently cramped for having to sit for so long. Yeah, we get breaks, but cafeteria chairs are none too comfy even taken at two-hour intervals.

The class is interesting, at least, even if I have to write seven papers (!) by the week after next.


The camping trip was a sucess; I saw loads of cool stuff through the telescopes (four of the moons around Jupiter, Saturn's rings, and various star clusters and galaxies), plus several satellites and meteors. And during the daylight hours, I saw some chipping sparrows, ravens (which we don't get where I'm from) and - ::drumroll:: - a pileated woodpecker! Hurrah! Life is good; I'm averaging one sighting every five years at this rate. I'll look for my next sighting when I'm thirty. :-D

Erg, back to work.

I love, love, love the Jose +10 adidas commercial. It doesn't get old, and I laugh every time.


"Beckenbauer? Hahahaha- uh."

And Rob Stone's homage to Brazil before the match today was adorable. "Why do I love Brazil? Their names are fun to say. Ronaldo. Ronaldinho. Kaka. Cafu. See? You're smiling already." Classic.

And we're just going to forget about yesterday's US-Czech Republic match. I stand by our team and wish them luck (lots and lots of luck) but I retain my sense of realism.


My brother's couch is very comfy. I've spent many nights on different people's couches, and his rates a 9.5 out of 10.

The street theater at Quincy Market in Boston was a lot of fun.

The New England Aquarium was as cool as I remembered from when I was a little kid.

I will never, ever drive in Boston. Neat town, cool history, but terrible traffic and screwy traffic signals.


Bronchitis really sucks. And so do head colds. I think it's only fair to trade in the past month of illness for another two years of fantastic health.


Camping this weekend at Cherry Springs State Park (ooooh, I can't wait!). I haven't been camping in five years, and this will be my first time camping in "God's Country" (that's Potter County - called that because of the forests and wildlife). Yay!


The bridal shower went well (yay!), I passed my big exam at the end of April (yay again!), and now I've just got to gear up for the class I'm taking next week and the wedding in July.


There now, I think that's enough randomness for a while.

I have a great immune system, it would seem. The cold that I had last Thursday and Friday was completely gone by Saturday afternoon. I must have slept for a total of ten hours Friday night, and that's probably what did the nasty bug in for me. Meanwhile, people at work seem to be dropping left and right from severe colds to (yeuck) stomach viruses. A district in New Jersey, not forty miles from where I live, had half of its high school population decimated for a day from a particularly virulent stomach bug last week. Here's hoping that it stays the heck away from PA, thanks.


We're having fish for dinner tonight, what with it being Ash Wednesday and tradition and all, and, as always, I wonder...

Why is it that fish isn't considered meat? If you're not going to eat meat - the flesh of animals, to be crude about it - why doesn't fish count? I have nothing against eating fish, but it certainly isn't a vegetable, for pete's sake. My mother just looks bewildered whenever I ask her about it (my go-to woman for all things Catholic-related, though in retrospect, she rarely has satisfying answers...hmmm...).

::sniffs:: Okay, there is something about eating fish that I'm against, and that's when it's cooked in too much butter. Good thing I ate a lot at lunch and during the soccer match this afternoon (I felt some guilt over the snacking, but eating chedder Chex mix while a game's on is tradition, too). Curses! If only my suggestion of cheese pizza or scrambled eggs (which also don't qualify as meat, I suppose) was used instead. Oh well, there's always Friday, and the one after that and so on and so on.

Oh, except on St. Patrick's Day, when the Pope will most likely give us dispensation to have corned beef and whatnot.


I love St. Patrick's Day. It has always been the first, unofficial day of spring for me ever since I was a little kid. I have vivid memories of seeing the first green sprouts appear in fields and in the forests along the roadways on St. Patrick's Day, as if the world was turning green again for the occasion. It's fantastic, and to have it on a Friday this year is wonderful, too.

In order to gear up for it some more, I popped my Celtic music mix cd into my car this afternoon. Now I can sing (badly) along to the songs as I drive (as I usually do given whatever I have playing, but this time I won't have any idea what I'm saying, and Irish Gaelic is really hard for me to pronounce, so I'm sure it sounds really ridiculous).


If I can, I'm going to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show a week from this Friday (I'm sensing a theme here...) with my mother. Mom has some cut daffodils in the dining room now, and her amaryllis has bloomed a spectacular pink and white.

Spring gets me every time; it truly is my most favorite season.


I took the day off today, ostensibly to get some rest from the heavy work I had for the past two weeks. It was great; I slept in til 7:30, read some fic, ran out to the mall to get some more greeting cards, and made it back in time to watch the USA get a 1-0 win over Poland in Kaiserslautern today. The second half of the match featured the goal and a terrific amount of falling snow - so much that they had to bring out the bright yellow ball. It was still hard to see, and our guys looked like snowmen running in blue shorts.

Tomorrow we're expecting a possible significant accumulation of ice. It may be that I'll have two days off instead of one, but I'm not going to count on anything (that's my unsubtle attempt to try to not jinx things). Not that I really want hazardous conditions, especially with my parents going to work and everything, too, but it's still a bit ingrained in me to hope for a snow day. What can I say? There's still a kid in this 25 year-old heart.

Holy mackerel - what a great first half! Japan came flying out of the gate at first until we came up with some sort of collective notion of "oh no, you don't". It's been a fast-paced, one-and-two-touch game after that. Usually I'd chalk it up to it being just my soccer-starved mind, but this is great.

And we're back on!

ETA: Well, we didn't demolish them, but it was great fun watching that match. The speed of it all was something I hadn't realized I'd been missing. :-D

I did my civic duty and voted yesterday; it's somewhat masochistic of me, though, considering that the candidates I vote for rarely win, and, yet, each year I come crawling back for more. But every vote counts, etc., etc. At least I've taken a vote away from those I don't like - muhahaha.

My brother's in Boston now, apartment hunting. I'm really excited for him, though I'm going to miss him like crazy. Obviously, I'm just going to have to move up to New England sometime in the future. They've got great scenery up there, and it's beautiful in summer. I once went camping at Acadia National Park when I was eight or nine, and I loved it. I'm not sold on the miles of snow that falls each winter just yet, though. I'd have to make a date with the L.L. Bean catalog if it were to ever come about.

But all of that is projection into the distant future. I've got my immediate future set to doing dishes and listening to Revolution Soccer's In the Net. :-D


Oct. 28th, 2005 05:04 pm

My brother's moving to Boston! He got the engineering job he interviewed for a couple of weeks ago! I'm so happy for him! And I'll have a place to stay to go see Revolution games next season!



ETA: From this week's [ profile] thefridayfive:

1. If you had all the money in the world and could choose to own anything, what you would get and why?
I would choose to own my parents' house; that is, I'd pay off their mortgage and buy it from them so that when it came time for them to retire, we could sell the house. Then my parents would be free to move wherever they wanted.

2. If you were to do something that scares you, what would it be?
...huh? You mean voluntarily allow something to happen? If that's the case, then I'd voluntarily allow myself to be abducted by aliens, as that's my biggest irrational fear (and I realize that it's really stupid and silly, but ever since I was a little kid, that's terrified me).

But since I'd probably die of fright, maybe you mean something like going hang-gliding to conquer a fear of flying or what-have-you. If that's the case, then I'd be a passenger in a car that my father was driving on the Autobahn. If you ever drove with my dad, you'd understand why.

3. What was your first pet?
We had loads of family pets, but the first one of my very own was a hamster named Jeremy. She was pretty entertaining, too.

4. What's the farthest you've traveled?
Paris, France and Glacier National Park, Montana.

5. If you were a season, which one would you be and why?
Spring because it's all about the return of life and good spring-smells.

Extra one: If you were a song, which one would you be and why?
I have no idea and choose not to answer. Song questions always seem a bit pretentious to me, anyway, mainly because more often than not I don't recognize some artist or composer that someone else has listed and wouldn't get the significance of the song, anyway. :-P



You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!

Which is a relief considering that I taught it for about nine days at the beginning of the school year... yay for having a leg to stand on!

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