Mar. 14th, 2010

I was listening to a podcast this afternoon that had a discussion about the hosts' favorite toys when they were kids (it's a geek show, so I remembered what they were talking about). It reminded me of one of my favorite toys my brother and I inherited from an uncle: 1978's 8-track playing little robot, 2XL.

And, of course, we totally thought that 2XL was somehow real. I remember my brother deciding to see what would happen if he just pushed a bunch of 2XL's buttons randomly and, to do this day, both of us will swear that the little guy started yelling at us. We both remember it, but I really doubt that it happened.

Also, it turns out that there is a whole site dedicated to it: The World of 2XL. I don't know what happened to ours, but there's a 2XL simulator online, too! Ah, such fond memories!

Anybody else have any favorite toys - geeky or otherwise - from when they were kids?

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