I was watching an old, 1940s B&W movie on PBS earlier tonight when we finally come on to the end and - oh shit! Unexpected violence was unexpected! D: It, oddly enough, made me really like the movie. It was called Laura and starred Gene Tierney as the title character and featured a very young Vincent Price (sans mustache - I hardly recognized him).

Anyway, I got an excellent email forward (not sure of the source) from my dad tonight, 'Now I understand the problem - This is Your Nation on White Privilege' )

Then I stayed up to watch a program called "In the Life: Documentary stories from the gay experience." It featured an excellent interview with NAACP Chair Julian Bond and talked about the upcoming vote on Proposition 8 in California. You can actually watch the program at their website, inthelifetv.org. Seriously, I wish I lived in CA just so I could vote no on Proposition 8. The last thing we need is to take another step backwards when it comes to civil rights in our country.

Yay! I love Rachel Maddow, and now she has her own tv show!

Also, one of my other favorite people, Ron Reagan, has a new show on Air America, and iTunes already has it up for download.

Now the big question is... am I going to be able to stay awake late enough to take them both in? Thank goodness for today's technology...

ETA: What?! I missed Michelle Obama on Ellen today? Nooo! Clearly, I've been spending too much time job hunting, watching the Travel Channel, and trying to cook ethnic vegetarian food. Once again, the internets are to the rescue.

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