My bestest friend [ profile] seraphtrevs wrote me DS9 fic for my birthday: They Stumble That Run Fast. :D :D

It is totally in-character Garak/Bashir that is completely made of win.

You know what else is cool? I was twelve when this show came out (1993, kids) and a senior in high school when it ended. And yet, it is timeless. Heh, just like me. Because I still feel exactly the same way I did at 20 now that I'm 30. So there! =D =D =D

(Also, my knowing [ profile] seraphtrevs predates DS9. We are both timeless and classic.)


I went two weeks without having to teach my hated enemies second grade students, but alas, tomorrow is another day. I blame my sudden M&Ms binge on their impending arrival. Seriously, I think I've eaten my weight in candy-coated chocolate today.


I was going through this year's collection of wall-calendars-sent-free-in-the-mail, and judging them worthy based on whether or not they had pictures of apes. I can't stand them; gorillas and chimpanzees freak me out. I don't wish them any harm or anything crazy like that, but I certainly don't want to see their pictures on my wall for a month.

Strangely, orangutans don't bother me near as much, and I'm not sure why.


I'm afraid that I've read all of the decent G/B fic that's posted on the web, and I'm going through withdrawal. I forgot until recently just how ridiculous it is getting into a fandom that is essentially just limping along on the memories of yester-year. Note to self: in the future, stay away from fandoms that have not had new canon material in five-plus years.

However, if there is still professional fiction being written for DS9, there's still some canon in the making, right? In fact, just a week or two ago, I read the Star Trek SCE (Starfleet Corps of Engineers) eBook #55 Wounds Book 1 and # 56 Wounds Book 2 (though I bought mine through Sony's eBook store since that's the hand-held I have), and I really enjoyed it (them, though really it's all one book just broken into two parts that you have to buy) because it was chock-full of Dr. Bashir torture. I just wish that there was more fall-out to the story (the next DS9 book in the series, Warpath, doesn't make mention of the events of Wounds, though if I remember correctly, they were published the same year, so there you go). I'd love to see some Bashir fic written about the DS9 Relaunch books; there's still a lot of potential left for the character in the canon universe.

On the other hand, I'd settle for some new Bashir-fic, period. Beggars can't be choosers, and all of that.

Holy potatoes, it's windy. It's just absolutely howling out there - you can't tell if it's the wind at first, or low-flying aircraft. But since military planes usually don't fly low over the neighborhood at night, you realize it's the wind a half second later. The winds tomorrow are supposed to be 20-30 mph with gusts to 55 mph. Couple that with a daytime high temp of 33F, that makes for nasty windchills. I'm betting the kids have indoor recess tomorrow, too. Joy!

On the other hand, today was a great day to just sleep in, do laundry, eat cookies, and watch DS9 episodes all day. I'm re-evaluating my opinion on Sisko after having watched the sixth season episode Waltz. That was a damn fine episode. These DVDs were a great investment. Ah, geekery! It beats the hell out of reality all the time, at any rate. :D

Holy mackerel. Where did May go?

Honestly, I spent the last month getting caught up on all seven seasons of Deep Space Nine. I watched the last ten episodes in one day. Incredible, and oh-so-worth-it. It's also evidence that I need a steady, permanent job. Who else has the time to do things like that?

Seriously, though, I'm glad that I waited until now to see the show. When it first came out, I was 12 years old, and I really didn't understand or appreciate it. What struck me while I was watching it was just how pertinent the issues it tackled are to today's world. I guess that makes it visionary. :)


Our area is under a flood watch again. It's strange that such things can become commonplace. Or maybe that's because my home is never in danger of actually flooding because we're maybe three miles from the river (and have no basement to worry about). Here are some pictures of the spring flood two years ago. Scary stuff.


I won't be around much this month, either, but at least I've got a better excuse than excessive television viewing. I've got a week blocked out for camping at Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania (amateur astronomer hotspot) and a trip to Rehoboth Bay in Delaware; the last week of June is also split between Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks in California. I'm a lucky duck, that's for sure.

This evening marks the beginning of Holocaust Remembrance Day. The Holocaust may have happened before even my parents were born, but it's no less relevant to learn everything about it today, as there are still governments, factions, and individuals out there who have clearly disregarded humanity's past actions against the sanctity of life. Imagine, if you will, not learning about what took place; such disrespect is galling. And since there's no need to bring up the cliche about history, let's concentrate on honoring those whose lives were taken from them, at the very least.

For those of the fannish persuasion, I highly recommend reading Gabrielle Lawson's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan novel Oswiecim. It's brutal and horrifying, and extraordinarily well-researched. It's been a long, long time since I have picked up anything that was so riveting that I could not put it down, not even to sleep.

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