Huh. The only TV I've been watching for months now is baseball and the World Cup. I'm watching the pre-game show for the World Cup final, and I saw a commercial for a new show on ABC - "No Ordinary Family". It looks like a different take on the whole "regular people get superpowers" theme. And you know what, it could be pretty good. Dare I say it, maybe it'll even be what Heroes should have been. I hope it's good and does well. I like it when sci-fi is mainstream. It'll be interesting to see, anyway.

Not sure who to cheer for in the World Cup final; I usually pull for the team who has never won the tournament before, but that's the case for both teams. I'm rather partial to the color orange, though...hmm. Hopefully it will be an entertaining game without too many shenanigans.

ETA: Five yellow cards in the first 28 minutes? Shenanigans are abounding, looks like. :\

ETA2: Wow, that game was hard to watch - so many fouls! Holland deserved to lose that mess. I vastly preferred the Germany-Uruguay match. It had much better flow. Anyway, congratulations Spain!
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