2012-11-16 06:34 pm
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So what's happening?

I can't say how many times I sat down to write a post over the last nine months and had nothing really to say. Holidays, vacations, storms, elections - all of these things came and went. My highlights of the year include visiting [livejournal.com profile] seraphtrevs and her wonderful family back in July, the President getting re-elected, and surviving another hurricane. No tornadoes this time, but my area was so damaged that the school district I work in was shut down for a week. But many people were so completely devastated by the storm that there's no real reason for me to go into detail about my experience as it just pales in comparison.

So instead, here is a picture: my parakeet, the prettiest bird ever. ;-)


2012-02-19 02:37 pm
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Sweet Jeebus

My little brother turns 30 today.

Holy crap. It was one thing when it was me last year, but it's almost stranger when it's him.

I should probably call my parents sometime today. It's got to be even weirder for them. :-P
2011-08-25 07:08 pm
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You've got to be kidding me...

So after our little earthquake this week, I saw plenty of West Coasters' tweets making fun of us out here in the east. Well, I have to throw it out there: how many times have you had to deal with both an earthquake and a major hurricane in the same week?

Go away, Irene! XP

2011-08-23 02:18 pm
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Is it inappropriate to feel giddy after experiencing my first earthquake? Initial reports are of a magnitude 5.8 centered in Virginia. But it was totally amazing...!

2011-02-11 06:27 pm
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Happy Birthday to ME!

My bestest friend [livejournal.com profile] seraphtrevs wrote me DS9 fic for my birthday: They Stumble That Run Fast. :D :D

It is totally in-character Garak/Bashir that is completely made of win.

You know what else is cool? I was twelve when this show came out (1993, kids) and a senior in high school when it ended. And yet, it is timeless. Heh, just like me. Because I still feel exactly the same way I did at 20 now that I'm 30. So there! =D =D =D

(Also, my knowing [livejournal.com profile] seraphtrevs predates DS9. We are both timeless and classic.)


2010-10-26 05:16 pm
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Ick! Why do little kids always get me sick?!

Tonight for dinner: ice cream, chips, and cookies.

... what?

That's not how you starve a cold? Oops.

I just can't help picking up respiratory ailments because little kids tend to cough in my face constantly. There are three of us teachers that I know of who work with primary kids, and we're all of us fighting the squeaky-voice and sore throat. I swear I pick it up whenever I have to tie shoes. If you're kneeling in front of a first grader, forget it, man. You're in the firing zone for air-borne germs.

I just want to be better for Saturday because I'm hopping a bus down to D.C. to see Jon Stewart & Co. at their Rally for Sanity. I think it's going to be a blast - even if there are so many people down there that it's hard to see anything (that's what DVR is for).

Also, Halloween! I love Halloween - I'm going to drive over to my parents' house to help give out candy. I've even got a choice of costumes this year: pirate or mad scientist. Muahahahaha.

Lastly, the election! I can hardly wait to vote. All the election brouhaha has been really interesting, and now I want to see how things turn out. Will the Republicans gain back a lot of control? Will the silent, rational, free-thinkers step up to keep a Democratic majority for both the House and the Senate? The suspense is getting to me! =D

2010-10-21 10:51 pm
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So this evening I decided to procrastinate on school work and make cupcakes instead. I tend to use baking/washing dishes time as my chance to catch up on video podcasts and TV shows, and I figured I could use the time tonight to watch the latest two episodes of Chuck. First show was fine and enjoyable. The second one - the one from this most recent Monday night - was fine except for one line.

One line that just completely pulled me out of the whole story.

There are very slight spoilers below if you haven't seen it yet.

What really bothered me... )

2010-07-11 02:00 pm
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Huh. The only TV I've been watching for months now is baseball and the World Cup. I'm watching the pre-game show for the World Cup final, and I saw a commercial for a new show on ABC - "No Ordinary Family". It looks like a different take on the whole "regular people get superpowers" theme. And you know what, it could be pretty good. Dare I say it, maybe it'll even be what Heroes should have been. I hope it's good and does well. I like it when sci-fi is mainstream. It'll be interesting to see, anyway.

Not sure who to cheer for in the World Cup final; I usually pull for the team who has never won the tournament before, but that's the case for both teams. I'm rather partial to the color orange, though...hmm. Hopefully it will be an entertaining game without too many shenanigans.

ETA: Five yellow cards in the first 28 minutes? Shenanigans are abounding, looks like. :\

ETA2: Wow, that game was hard to watch - so many fouls! Holland deserved to lose that mess. I vastly preferred the Germany-Uruguay match. It had much better flow. Anyway, congratulations Spain!
2010-06-29 11:18 pm
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Clearly, I fail.

I can't even do a post per month. Wow. That's pretty sad. I'd chalk it up to the end of the school year (which finished for me last Thursday), baseball, and now the World Cup, but truthfully, I'm just a lazy, boring person who doesn't have much to write about. I suppose I could spin a funny tale or two concerning the great mourning dove invasion and being besieged by a ronin squirrel (don't worry, I have a spray bottle of water kept at the ready - no rodent is getting its paws on my lone tomato plant), but I'm not that good of a storyteller.

Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist for the first time in two years. Maybe something funny will come of that.

I'm kind of thinking not, though.

So in short, move along, there's nothing to see here!
2010-04-29 10:23 pm
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A post per month - I can handle that...

Long time no write. Work and classes will do that to a person, I guess. Thank goodness I'm only going to school part-time at the moment (and I'm in a non-degree program - way more laid back) because trying to work a full time job and do the school thing on top of that is hard. And I'm taking online classes. Sheesh.

Also, it's always sad to see your entire paycheck-and-plus-some be sent off to pay for tuition. The good thing is, I've now taken four courses, so I only need four more. I've got three more lined for the end of the school year and into the summer. I'll have to choose one more for the fall, and then I'll be done for a good, long while (I'll reach permanent teacher certification status - yay!). All told, this venture (which is mandatory in my state, mind you) will have set me back over $10,000. Good heavens!

So that's been my life for a while - work and school, school and work. Sometimes I even get to sleep! It's about that time now, in fact. :)
2010-03-14 08:48 pm
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Second only to 1983's ROTJ Han Solo toy blaster...

I was listening to a podcast this afternoon that had a discussion about the hosts' favorite toys when they were kids (it's a geek show, so I remembered what they were talking about). It reminded me of one of my favorite toys my brother and I inherited from an uncle: 1978's 8-track playing little robot, 2XL.

And, of course, we totally thought that 2XL was somehow real. I remember my brother deciding to see what would happen if he just pushed a bunch of 2XL's buttons randomly and, to do this day, both of us will swear that the little guy started yelling at us. We both remember it, but I really doubt that it happened.

Also, it turns out that there is a whole site dedicated to it: The World of 2XL. I don't know what happened to ours, but there's a 2XL simulator online, too! Ah, such fond memories!

Anybody else have any favorite toys - geeky or otherwise - from when they were kids?

2010-02-09 08:26 pm
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Snow storm the 3rd

Yep, my car is already covered in snow - again. They're calling for another 14-20 inches tonight through tomorrow.

Pretty sure I'll have off from work tomorrow, though! Think I'll catch up on some sleep tonight to be ready for another round of digging out...
2010-02-06 10:42 am
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Snow part 2

I thought I'd head outside and knock some snow off my car, even though it's still snowing like whoa. But first I wanted to take some pictures of what things look like before I messed them up.


Early February snow storm Early February snow storm
My car is the one buried on the far right. ::sigh:: And the fuzziness of the air is the snow blowing everyplace.

After the pictures, I decided to clean up my car... uh, later. The snow is blowing crazily - apparently the wind is at 30 mph.

But! Last night I hit up the grocery store (hey, it was going to snow!) and bought myself these pretty mini-roses. Well worth fighting the crowds over a loaf of bread. We... don't handle big snowstorms all that well here northeast of Philadelphia. Oh well.

Mini roses! Mini roses!
They're so pretty.

2010-01-30 09:55 pm
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ancient history

Wow, six years on LJ as of yesterday!

I dug up an old website I ran with my college roommate the other week hosted on angelfire (circa 1999!). It's still out there, no Wayback Machine needed. My first blog on pitas.com exists, too, and that was started up in the fall of 2000. It kinda makes me wonder where the old machines/servers are running that host these things. Are they just shut up in some old room in a warehouse or office someplace, draining electricity? Who is it that just doesn't have the heart to destroy the random babblings of folks from ten years ago?

Imagine being the techno-historian of a hundred years in the future who has to wade through all of this stuff. If you ever wonder about your legacy to the future (I do, not having kids or anything), you know, this might be it. Just think of the famous people of the past. They're only famous because someone wrote about them or they wrote about themselves. Anne Frank? We'd never have known of her courage if she hadn't kept a journal. Now, there are millions of people who keep journals and blog about current events. Man, first-person historical perspectives will be everywhere to shed light on things for the generations to come. Just some thoughts!
2009-10-31 05:35 pm
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(no subject)

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone gets to go forth and acquire candy. :)

2009-08-24 06:14 pm

Yep, still here...

...except, I haven't really been here. I've gone on some mini-trips (awesome), and I've been job hunting (same old, same old). I probably won't be around much for a good, long while still - at least not until the new season of Chuck starts, which is really the only show I care about anymore. I'll still watch Heroes - sure. But I haven't been interested in the fandom for several months now. If you only friended me for updates about that, no hard feelings if you want to un-friend me (or is it de-friend? Oh well).

This weekend I finished reading Lonesome Dove and was utterly blown away by it. It truly was an epic book, and I never wanted it to end. ::sigh:: I picked up the sequel from the library today - I'm looking forward to another good read. I also finished a story called St. Agnes' Stand. It was also a western, and it was a good action-adventure story with two interesting characters (a loner and a nun - yes, really!). If you are ever inclined to read it, fair warning on some gory moments; I admit to being pretty squeamish, and I lost my appetite a few times while reading. Luckily, it only took me a day and a half to read (or not so luckily - I could stand to eat less!).

Tomorrow morning, around 1:30 AM Eastern time, there's a shuttle launch scheduled that I plan to try to stay up for. This mission is STS-128, and for those keeping track, it's the one that's going to carry the treadmill named after Stephen Colbert to the ISS.

Finally, good luck, Discovery crew!

2009-07-02 09:39 am
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(no subject)

Wow, I had no idea that there was so much anti-America propoganda being spread in North Korea until I watched The Daily Show repeat yesterday evening. If you haven't seen the interview with Mike Kim, an amazing man who has worked to get people smuggled out of North Korea, you've got to see it. I mean, Kim Jong-Il is seen as a deity? Holy crap. That's all kinds of messed up!

Also, I get that we're still technically at war with them (what with there only having been a truce declared and no peace treaty signed after the Korean War), but that was a long time ago! Geez louise!

2009-05-30 05:40 pm
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1000 words - go!

My new hibiscus! My new hibiscus!
I think this post is pretty self-explanatory. :D

2009-05-26 08:54 pm
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Things I have learned

* Mentos are a product of Brazil

* Uranus has 27 known moons, two of which are called Miranda and Ariel (::geeks out::)

* The US Department of Agriculture recommends one to two bee colonies per acre of watermelon crop for sufficient pollination of the plants. They are also hydrating and delicious (watermelons, that is - not bees).

* My house is close enough to Wallops Island, VA to see rocket launches from NASA's Flight Facility there. I got to see the contrail of the Minotaur I rocket that launched TacSat-3 [PDF] last Tuesday.


2009-04-27 05:05 pm
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It should not be 90 degrees in April! D: D: D: