Every time I turn on the news, I'm blown away that Michele Bachmann is still thought so highly as being a viable presidential candidate for the Republican Party next year. During her interview today on Meet the Press, the policy questions she was asked pertained primarily to those dealing with the economy and the debt ceiling (wherein she maintained her party's stance on cutting spending and not raising taxes on big corporations, and continued to go against her party by defending her position of voting against raising the debt ceiling). When asked to justify her position on the debt ceiling (voting to not raise the debt ceiling and thereby opening our country to the economic fallout of going into default), she stated that she voted the way the people of the country wanted her to vote - that because polls showed that many Americans were against raising the debt ceiling (synonymous with allowing us to accumulate more debt), she would stand by what the people want.

It seems like a virtuous tack to take, too; politicians are elected to be the "voice" of the people in essence, but in practical terms, it's completely unrealistic. People vote for politicians to make important decisions based on all of the facts of a situation - many of which us "ordinary" people are unaware of or do not take the time to fully understand. In the case of the debt ceiling, while I'm a person for whom my elected officials are working, I am also not an economist. I don't think my opinions on an economic decision can be taken as directives. My opinions may not be based on all of the facts of the situation, and I may be (actually am) ignorant of all of the machinations of the financial world. So in essence, I find Bachmann's response that her vote was reflecting the will of the people to be a complete cop-out. In fact, it's fairly insulting: the vote to not raise the debt ceiling was not the right decision because it could have caused more havoc for our economy, but because she can't go back and change her vote, she can blame her decision on her constituents. "Well, it's what they wanted" doesn't strike me as being competent decision-making; instead, it's playing a blame-game.

Today's interview then shifted gears to ask Bachmann personal questions about her religious and social views (the answers to which, while important, were not new, and something that, if I were to write about it, would just make my socially-liberal blood pressure go up). But what I wanted to see was a question or two about her ideas on foreign policy. Because if there's one thing that many people can agree on about President Obama is that he has achieved much in the way of repairing our image in the international community. Aside from bombing Libya with drones and straining relations with Pakistan over killing Bin Laden (oh well!), President Obama has been a leader in restoring confidence in the United States for our allies. Let's be clear: under President Bush, we became a laughingstock on the international scene, and that viewpoint has been changed overseas within the last three years. And I just can't see an uber-socially-conservative, right-wing-focused candidate like Bachmann making the same headway on the international stage. Her inability, as demonstrated this morning, to straightforwardly answer questions posed to her about domestic issues and policies will not sit well for those of us who require a president who can think fast on his or her feet in the face of an international crisis.

And this is just how I feel about Bachmann - just wait until we get more sound bites and clips from George Bush 2.0... er, I mean, Governor Rick Perry! Because another term or two with a guy who is a W-wannabe is exactly what we need... :P


Jul. 25th, 2011 09:25 pm

I can't stand John Boehner! Go on, keep blaming the current administration for our nation's debt. People's memories are better than you give us credit for. I remember the Bush years quite clearly.

I find it also quite grating that he asked for TV time just minutes after our President's address. It just comes across as petty. I teach elementary students who posture less childishly than he has recently.


Wow, the past couple of days I've been utterly exhausted. I still need to get caught up in fandom stuff, too, though I just haven't had the attention span or energy to really delve back in just yet. I think it's a post-election come-down; I've been so over-invested and energized by politics that now that we've actually won, I feel a little adrift.

This afternoon's press conference coupled with a cup of coffee helped to perk me up, though. LOL, I keep laughing about people on tv having to correct themselves when they say "President" Obama instead of "President-Elect". Like he really isn't the one with the most power right now, anyway. The world is actually listening to Obama in a way that hasn't happened with Bush in years.

This is the third presidential election I've voted in and only the first time the person I've voted for has won! Third time's the charm?

I'm so happy right now!!! :D :D :D \o/

Ahem. Anyway. :D?

Last Philly picture post, promise )

Waiting for this Election Day to come has been so excruciating. Depending on the outcome of the election, I might be ecstatically dancing in the street in the wee hours of the morning or forlornly packing my bags. Well, not really (though my parents have talked about moving to Canada if McCain were to win, I'm not ready to give up yet). I will, however, be anxiously watching the votes come in on tv and online.

I really need to catch up on my friends list, fandom, and fanfic things - I'm so behind! I'm afraid it's going to have to wait just a little bit longer... Tomorrow just might dawn a brand new, cheerful world. :D

Because it deserves to be read and saved: AP article: 'Tis the season for tricking voters )

It burns me up that these things happen at all, let alone in my area. Notice, too, how much more it occurs by those backing the Republicans. It's no wonder that they stole the last two elections. >:(

The last chapter of the first book of [livejournal.com profile] seraphtrevs' epic Heroes story was posted yesterday. Look for the first chapter of Book Two: Spring on Wednesday, October 22nd!

If You Were the Last Man on Earth

Book One: Winter
Chapter One: A Dubious Rescue, An Improbable Savior, and The Subtle Pleasures of Accurate Time-Keeping
Chapter Two: Clockwork Comfort and Terrifying Tenderness at the Rest and Service Station
Chapter Three: The Trouble with Cockroaches, or Domestic Bliss in Piedmont, Missouri
Chapter Four: How to Keep Your Man: And Keep Him for Good

PS: I just had a look at the end of Book Two. asdfjklasdfkl!! >:D


I just finished watching Meet the Press where Colin Powell gave his endorsement of Barack Obama. He also made a statement condemning the unsubtle associations made by members of the McCain campain between Muslims and terrorists. My mother and I both shouted at the tv, "It's about time somebody said that!" It really needs to be said more often.

I've been remiss in my reccing! The next chapter of [livejournal.com profile] seraphtrevs' epic Heroes story was posted Wednesday. The fourth part will be posted tomorrow, Saturday, October 18th. After tomorrow, Book One will have been posted in its entirety. :D

If You Were the Last Man on Earth

Book One: Winter
Chapter One: A Dubious Rescue, An Improbable Savior, and The Subtle Pleasures of Accurate Time-Keeping
Chapter Two: Clockwork Comfort and Terrifying Tenderness at the Rest and Service Station
Chapter Three: The Trouble with Cockroaches, or Domestic Bliss in Piedmont, Missouri


In other news, just three days of work this week, and I'm done in. I want to say that I will not stay up late to watch politics or baseball ever again, but I'd be lying to myself. OMG PHILLIES! IN THE WORLD SERIES! It still hasn't sunk in yet. :D And not long after that, there's that election thing that's happening... hmmm.

Tomorrow I'd better make the effort to stock up on some more caffeine.

Not what I like to see when I get up in the morning (admittedly v. v. late, but still!)!

McCain makes risky play for Pennsylvania

Argh! GTFO, MCCAIN! >:(

No, seriously. We are your next Michigan.

I was watching an old, 1940s B&W movie on PBS earlier tonight when we finally come on to the end and - oh shit! Unexpected violence was unexpected! D: It, oddly enough, made me really like the movie. It was called Laura and starred Gene Tierney as the title character and featured a very young Vincent Price (sans mustache - I hardly recognized him).

Anyway, I got an excellent email forward (not sure of the source) from my dad tonight, 'Now I understand the problem - This is Your Nation on White Privilege' )

Then I stayed up to watch a program called "In the Life: Documentary stories from the gay experience." It featured an excellent interview with NAACP Chair Julian Bond and talked about the upcoming vote on Proposition 8 in California. You can actually watch the program at their website, inthelifetv.org. Seriously, I wish I lived in CA just so I could vote no on Proposition 8. The last thing we need is to take another step backwards when it comes to civil rights in our country.

I'm ready!

Oct. 2nd, 2008 07:48 pm

I've got wine, popcorn, ice cream, and hot chocolate (it's turned a wee bit chilly here). Let the games trainwreck debates begin! :D

McCain, I want to smack you in your smug, lying face. >:O

Time and again we've seen McCain lie to our faces. Now he's misquoting figures and twisting words to smear Obama on live national television. I'm glad Obama is calling him on it.

And stop calling people "my friends"! Creepy old man...

So, this is the best the GOP can do? Really?

Argh... I don't know how I'm going to hold out until November...

ETA: I want to ask McCain just what "victory" in Iraq will entail. He certainly says it a lot, but I'm not sure what he means by it. It really sounds to me as though he doesn't have a plan in Iraq except to keep giving them money and our soldiers and military resources. So when will it end, Senator? What I do like is how Obama has clearly laid out his priorities and plans concerning both Iraq and Afghanistan.


Sep. 26th, 2008 04:34 pm

I'm really looking forward to the debate tonight; here's hoping that Obama wipes the floor with McCain. >: )

And if the debates and the continued destruction of the world don't hold your interest as-is, there's always The Bugle - the weekly podcast by The Daily Show's John Oliver and his co-host, Andy Zaltzman (it's on iTunes, too). It's freaking hysterical. :D

And that's about it for now; back to job hunting...

Some years ago when I was in college, friends of mine gave me one of those gift-shop style inspirational books entitled A Thousand Paths to Tranquility by David Baird. I suppose you could call it kitsch, but it was definitely the thought that counts. Anyway, I would take it out and read a few quotations now and then just to help myself gain some perspective or feel a little more centered, and I was thinking of posting some as the mood strikes - just as little reminders to myself that, oddly and despite my not believing in anything pre-ordained or supernatural, things have always tended to work out in the end for me. So there. Tra la.

This one I found to be well in keeping with the times:

"There is tranquility in freedom when the people are allowed to speak. There is tranquility in democracy when the government listens."

Agreement times infinity!


Sep. 13th, 2008 07:36 pm

The other day my (semi-lapsed-yet-still-devout-Catholic) mom said, "I wouldn't vote for John McCain even if Jesus Christ were his running mate!"

She was dead serious; I cracked up laughing. Although I fear for her mental health these days - the election stress is wearing her down.

Yay! I love Rachel Maddow, and now she has her own tv show!

Also, one of my other favorite people, Ron Reagan, has a new show on Air America, and iTunes already has it up for download.

Now the big question is... am I going to be able to stay awake late enough to take them both in? Thank goodness for today's technology...

ETA: What?! I missed Michelle Obama on Ellen today? Nooo! Clearly, I've been spending too much time job hunting, watching the Travel Channel, and trying to cook ethnic vegetarian food. Once again, the internets are to the rescue.

If you haven't heard about the appalling use of police force against protesters and journalists in St. Paul outside of the Republican National Convention (and how would you? I was only able to hear about it from one news source today), go watch today's Democracy Now! edition. Why more media outlets have not reported on these atrocious events quite frankly astounds me.

Fair warning: some of the video shown is very disturbing, if you, like me, don't like to see officers in full riot gear shove to the ground a journalist with a video camera and arrest her with no just cause.

When did our country become China? I feel sick.

ETA: YouTube video of one of the arrests beneath the cut )

So I'm not going to rehash the discussions you can easily read online about McCain's VP nominee. I just want to ask people their thoughts on this idea: if McCain were to croak while in office, would you be comfortable with Sarah Palin as your president?


The most aggravating thing about all of this is the blatant pandering to the Hillary Clinton supporters. Anyone who was pro-Hillary and decides to vote for McCain because he's put a woman in a puppet position (and just to spite Obama) really ought to turn in their voter registration cards.

Voting for John McCain is not a better option. Unless, of course, you like the way things are going for you these days, and apparently that's true for about 1% of the population (that is, the percent who are rich).

I'll say it right here: I hate the two-party system. There are loads of things that the Democrats have done that angers me beyond reason, but they're still the best of our two choices at this point. If you were pro-Hillary in the past, you've got to see that.

Don't be fooled by this ridiculous tactic! Please use your brains!

That's not asking for too much, is it?

If you are an American, or someone interested in the trainwreck that is American politics and policies, you really need to be listening to Democracy Now!. You can listen to it on public radio, by streaming the audio or downloading the mp3, or you can even watch the video on PBS and online. The program is independent, and therefore non-partisan, and covers issues that are often totally ignored on mainstream news outlets. I have learned so much in the month or so that I've been listening about how things really work here in the U.S., and while the material often makes me want to scream, or cry, or move to Canada, it's information that has to be made known to everyone. To wallow in ignorance about the reality of modern-day government activities, tactics, and consequences is certainly not a sign of strength or intelligence.

If you want to know more about Democracy Now!, you can click here. Please, please, please listen. I load it up on my mp3 player to listen to while I do the dishes - it's that easy. I'll no doubt be posting reactions about the news occurring in the days to come.

I fell asleep before Hillary Clinton's speech last night. Originally, I was getting angry ("Why is it on so late? This is ridiculous! Oh, wait, different time zone, yeah..."), but my anger quickly burned off, and I was out like a light. Thank you, news blogs, for catching me up.


I have a suggestion for Heroes fans: don't watch the official season 3 trailer that was posted on [livejournal.com profile] heroes_tv if you don't want to be spoiled. It's a fantastic trailer - very edge-of-your-seat - but personally, I think it spoils at least one great line from the premiere that really should have stayed a surprise for people. If you've seen the trailer already, you'll know the line I mean, and it's a great comedic moment in the episode (one of several, actually - it really is a great episode).

Eh, spoilers are funny things; I hate watching movie trailers to movies I plan on seeing because they use parts of the film which would otherwise have been great surprises. One of the best movie experiences I ever had was watching Jurassic Park on the big screen during its opening week. I hadn't seen a single trailer for the movie before my dad said, "Hey, do you want to go see a movie about dinosaurs?" It remains one of my all-time favorites.

I studiously avoided watching any trailers for The Dark Knight this time around, and I felt the same way.

Long story short, trailers that are just teasers are great fun, but I think you risk too much in the way of surprises by watching the full trailer. That being said, I loved the premiere episode of Heroes when I saw it at Comic Con, and I'm definitely excited to see it again in September. Had I not seen the first episode at all, I'm sure that I'd cave in and watch it. But I'd be mad at myself later if I did.

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