Ahahahahaha! I stumbled on mentalfloss.com ("Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix" - okay) and found some really great t-shirts here. Well, they're great if you like math and geeky things, which I do. My favorite has a stylized drawing of a monkey and reads "There's No Right Way to Eat a Rhesus", which, yeah. There really isn't. :P

Curse this recession! I'd get a ton of these otherwise.

At least there are still free radio shows. I've been subscribing to some new podcasts on iTunes, one of which is "Astronomy Cast" - a completely wonderful geek-out about astronomy. I listened to the most recent episode today on NASA's space shuttles and it was fantastic. One of the presenters reported on his recent trip to observe a launch as a member of the press and just how utterly amazing it was. Fun fact: if you're within 800 feet of the rockets when they ignite, the concussive blast will end you. Whoa! Seriously, it was an excellent 38 minutes of listening.

The second show I picked up is called "Persiflagers Infectious Disease Puscast" (ahahaha, yeah, I know). The presenter reads two weeks worth of literature on infectious diseases (which fascinate me to no end), and he condenses the information into little soundbites along with a really wry sense of humor. Some of it gets technical enough that it gives me flashbacks to my virology class in college (which I was in danger of failing until I withdrew), but it's easy enough to just ignore things like chemokine receptors and whatnot and really take home the important messages. Anyway, the guy's fun to listen to.

Yay for free stuff! :P


Sep. 26th, 2008 04:34 pm

I'm really looking forward to the debate tonight; here's hoping that Obama wipes the floor with McCain. >: )

And if the debates and the continued destruction of the world don't hold your interest as-is, there's always The Bugle - the weekly podcast by The Daily Show's John Oliver and his co-host, Andy Zaltzman (it's on iTunes, too). It's freaking hysterical. :D

And that's about it for now; back to job hunting...

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