Mmahahahaha! I got up this morning at 4:40 am to get ready for my trip down to almost-Delaware for a job interview, but! Genius that I am, I had set my computer to run Pandemic II overnight and by the time I checked it (first thing, of course) all countries were infected and the message said, "The Human Population is Overcome." Basically, I won. :D

Actually, that would have been so much cooler had I been awake to watch it happen. Oh well - victory was still mine!

Oh, and the interview went well (though I was the first candidate screened, so we'll see. Historically, it's the second or third person who comes in who already has their master's degree...), and I'm finally home after having been on the road since 6:30 this morning.

And finally, I got a chance to play a Wii for the first time while babysitting my cousins. My arms are so sore now! Man, I skip the gym for one day, and my seven-year-old cousin can walk all over me with a video game. :D

::flops over::

It seems that I might be the only one who actually likes the new delicious layout/interface? Eh, I find it handy, anyway.

Also, might I add that it's great having the internet back up again? ::knocks on wood:: I was really going crazy there for a while. The ISP called last night to say that service had been restored, only for us to lose it again for much of today. Such is life, I suppose.

The real reason why I was miffed was because I couldn't play Pandemic II which [ profile] seraphtrevs so kindly addicted me to while I was in California. Darn you, Madagascar! (It's true: I have yet to win a single game.)

The rest of this week will be hellishly stressful and busy as I attempt to find employment for next year (highly unlikely), drive all over creation (wherein creation = nearly to Delaware), and babysit my cousins beginning at a godawful hour tomorrow. But! No matter what happens the next three days, I'll be officially on the family vacation to Maine beginning Saturday morning! Of course, that means no internet for a week, but I'm hoping that it'll be a decent trade-off for some peace and quiet. We shall see.

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