A few weeks ago I installed Google Earth on my computer, knowing that this new machine could handle all of the new features and layers (and it's so, so much fun). So far I've played with the nifty nature/sea life layers and the USGS earthquake reports, as well as explored Mars. SO COOL.

Then last night I decided to bring things back a little closer to home and looked for the apartment complex I lived in as a kid, and awww, the memories! THERE was the parking lot where we used to ride our bikes, and THERE was the pond with the water fountain where we'd fish for sunnies and try to catch bullfrogs, and THERE were the buildings where our friends from Poland, Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, Guyana, Ukraine, and Pakistan lived, and THERE was the field where we played baseball until the day my brother broke a window with a ball and we decided that heh, wiffle ball wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Seriously, nothing has changed (and the images were from June 2007, so recent enough). Also, growing up in an apartment complex has to be one of the best things ever for a kid - we had a playground, tennis court, the above-mentioned pond, tons of diverse friends, and space to roam around. Of course, it was the late 80s, mostly (we moved from there in '92), so we were given free reign to play in and explore a large area with very little to worry about.

Aww, so nostalgic... ::goes outside to play::

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