Jellyfish gone wild ruin tourist spots, report says.

So when we have been conquered by our evil jellyfish overlords, is there going to be an influx of tentacle porn? Because that's totally what I thought of when I read "Jellyfish gone wild."

Clearly, I have spent too much time on the internet. :P

U.S. readying Saudi arms deal, official confirms.

What is this? A neat way to make a cool $20 billion? How do people condone this?

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity as the deal has not yet been officially announced or completed, said the administration hoped to present the package to the U.S. Congress for approval in the fall.

So, let me do a little speculating here. If the administration leaks this plan to the people ahead of time, we won't feel as though they're planning on doing something underhanded, because, hey, we've been told ahead of time. This isn't like the CIA training rebels in foreign lands to oust their legitimately-elected governments behind our backs; the US government, good samaritan organization that it is, simply wants to help level the playing field in the Middle East. It's only fair, right?

Give me a break.

And another quote, with boldface highlights by me:

Washington is striving to assure Gulf allies, worried by the growing strength of Iran and war in Iraq, that the United States is committed to the region and will stand by them, with arms sales part of that process, U.S. officials say.

To what are we committing ourselves? Are we committing to providing humanitarian relief for displaced families? Medical and sanitation supplies and infrastructure for Iraqi and Afghan refugees?

No. Our government wants to sell weapons - $20 billion worth of weapons - to build up the militaries of Middle Eastern nations, including Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, which sanctions human rights violations on par with those of China. Saudi Arabia, who allows militants to cross into Iraq who then, in turn, try to kill US soldiers (who shouldn't be there, anyway, but that's neither here nor there...).

Yes. Let's arm more people in the Middle East. It certainly won't affect the innocent children who live there, as there's no way that they could possibly be in the line of fire, ever. It won't break up any families or affect the living conditions of civilians. It won't drive doctors out of hospitals or teachers out of schools in order to seek safety in other lands. What a brilliant, visionary plan! </ sarcasm>

And let me reiterate my extreme loathing and hatred for our elected government officials. I've never felt so helpless and useless as a citizen and fairly decent human being in all my life. It's gone beyond frustration. What can we, as citizens, do to get them to change their policies? When the leaders don't listen to the people (whether the people in question voted for them or not), is the democratic state over?

"This isn't an arming of the Middle East," the official said. "This is part of a continual, deliberate program."

You know what? You can go take your "continual, deliberate program" (definitely nothing clandestine going on here! Uh-uh!) and shove it right up your collective %#*@-!

(Ret.) Col. Jack Jacobs, you're an unfeeling, cold-hearted bastard. Your inability to control your ridiculous harping on those 15 British sailors is disgraceful. Had you been in charge of the sailors' group, no doubt you'd all be dead, and there would be war between the West and Iran. Of course the sailors had to cooperate; to think otherwise shows a complete lack of thinking about the consequences of one's actions. Your comments on this situation make me sick.


To be clear, the article linked to through his name is his most recent piece on MSNBC; it does not discuss the hostage situation. My reaction is to his comments presented on television this morning. I was so furious after hearing his tripe that my first response was to grab up my computer. Hey, it's better than grabbing up a rock or something, like a testosterone-laden, impulsive man.


By god, we need more women in power around the world. What is it that we do best? Discuss things, of course! We're so much better equipped to solve problems without violence. Negotiation and diplomacy are the tools of our lives.

Eritrea Bans Female Circumcision.

If you ever want to read an extraordinarily moving book, read Desert Flower by Waris Dirie. To hear from a real person what she went through as a member of her culture is horrifying, yet it's so necessary for us to become aware of these issues.

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 24th) is Shutdown Day; therefore, I will not be online. Pity the weather is still pretty cruddy... oh, well.

And, man, I don't like where this is going: UK Soldiers Captured At Gunpoint. You don't really want to head in this direction, do you, Iran?

Dems look at tax cuts for middle class - dear lord, I hope that comes to pass...

People tend to forget that under the Clinton administration, we no longer had the budget deficit accumulated by the previous Republican administrations...


Oct. 23rd, 2006 07:48 pm

I was tricked! I felt fine yesterday, but this virus was just lulling me into a false sense of security. It's now a little head-cold, the bastard. Better now than in two weeks, of course.

And! Wouldn't you know it, but some scientists have found that common viruses may affect memory retention in later life! In other words, some of our common colds may be causing brain damage. Bwahahahaha - oh, wait...


Oct. 17th, 2006 08:27 pm

Bush Signs Bill On Terror Prosecution

OMG, you amoral son-of-a-b*tch, I hate you! How dare you compromise basic American ideals and then have the gall to say that it's for our protection! We're now no better than those terrorists who would use the same methods against us. Good one, jackass!

And Democratic Congress-people, what were you smoking when you allowed this law to be made? You're useless! #@$%!!! Argh!!

And I love how there were about 15 protestors arrested over this issue, because, basically, they wouldn't get off the old man's lawn:

"A coalition of religious groups staged a protest against the bill outside the White House, shouting "Bush is the terrorist" and "Torture is a crime." About 15 of the protesters, standing in a light rain, refused orders to move. Police arrested them one by one."

I applaud the protestors for making a stand - for not going down without a fight, as it were. It was just another day at work for me, but these guys were trying to make a difference. Pity for all of us that it wasn't enough. How long will it take for the majority of our citizens to realize the enormity of the loss of our rights and then do something about it?


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