So after our little earthquake this week, I saw plenty of West Coasters' tweets making fun of us out here in the east. Well, I have to throw it out there: how many times have you had to deal with both an earthquake and a major hurricane in the same week?

Go away, Irene! XP

Is it inappropriate to feel giddy after experiencing my first earthquake? Initial reports are of a magnitude 5.8 centered in Virginia. But it was totally amazing...!

My new hibiscus! My new hibiscus!
I think this post is pretty self-explanatory. :D

1.) I was pretty bummed this past Monday when I remembered that there wasn't any more Chuck to be had for the season. Well, hopefully it's just for the season. ::sigh:: I even got my family Subway on finale night, and the episodes hold up to frequent re-watching. Here's looking forward to the season two dvd set coming out in the future.

2.) I can't say the same for Heroes. I mean, I enjoyed the cracktasticness that was this season for the most part, but I've long since stopped keeping up with any fan-related shenanigans for this show. If it hadn't been for [ profile] seraphtrevs and The 10th Wonder podcast, I probably would've missed an episode or two and never gotten back into watching it. I'll still be watching it next year, but I doubt I'll ever be invested in any of the characters or storylines again (prove me wrong, writers!).

3.) My cousin convinced me to borrow his Lost season 1 dvd set - oh lord, someone save me from getting involved in another tv series!

4.) At least I can still look forward to a couple more episodes of Castle - it's really cute.

5.) It's finally stopped raining! There was actual sunshine today, and I washed my car for the second time in a month. Good day. :)

6.) And now for some spring pictures! )

No bird-of-prey streaming video collection is complete without this one of a red-tailed hawk nest on the side of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It actually made the evening news the other night, and with the three adorable chicks in the nest, it's easy to see why. :)

It looks like the eagle cam I linked to below has been having technical difficulties (we've been having a hell of a windy week or so here in the east, and I'm thinking it's been knocked around some). It seems like that now it's been reset, the resolution is at a lower quality and the picture has zoomed out, so you'll have to take my word for it that the eaglets (there are two now) are really fluffy and cute.

Luckily, my dad found a link for another livestream of an eagle's nest located out west (British Columbia). It's much clearer, and it also has sound:

Calendar dates don't really count - as far as I'm concerned, it's SPRING.

Exhibit A:

Crocus and daffodils from our front garden, taken this afternoon.

Exhibit B:

The birds have been singing in the mornings for the last week and a half, AND, on Monday night, I heard SPRING PEEPERS. *gasp!* So cute! The last couple of evenings I've walked at the park, and the frogs are just extraordinarily loud and wonderful. :D

All right, I'm keeping this post around to review for a while since the temperature is set to drop for the forseeable future.


Jellyfish gone wild ruin tourist spots, report says.

So when we have been conquered by our evil jellyfish overlords, is there going to be an influx of tentacle porn? Because that's totally what I thought of when I read "Jellyfish gone wild."

Clearly, I have spent too much time on the internet. :P

That is all. :D

I am bizarrely over-excited about us getting some of the remnants of Hanna this weekend; the last time I remember there being any rain was nearly a month ago... and I was hundreds of miles away in another state. I'm going to hole myself up tomorrow, drink coffee, read books, and listen to it pour outside. I can hardly wait!

So we've battened down the hatches here at my house, not because of any threat of a hurricane (though we desperately need rain here - a rain shower has become something of a hazy memory around these parts), but because they're spraying for mosquitoes tonight.

Yeah, we're in the middle of a drought, and they're spraying for mosquitoes.

The reason is because our neck of the woods has been inundated with cases of West Nile Virus, which, while possibly deadly for the very young and the very elderly, is not something we generally need to be worrying over. Most people who become infected don't show any symptoms, and for those who do, it's somewhat flu-like.

What's more worrying is the fact that we've had to cover our vegetables and our tiny fish pond because the chemical they're spraying is very toxic. Granted, the dosage is a very small quantity, but it's extraordinarily deadly for bees (and our whole nation is in danger of losing our native bees) and, apparently, it's toxic to fish. Poor little guys. :(

Whatever happened to not letting your infants and grandparents sit out among the mosquitoes? Is it really necessary to be spraying toxic chemicals over us via airplanes? Really?

...where x = ("no good can come of this")2.

Anybody know when they'll put more episodes from season two on I've watched all of the first season plus the first five of the second season in just a week and a half. It really is all [ profile] seraphtrevs' fault. I blame her completely.


There's a sound that I love: pigeons cooing. They've been coming to our backyard for most of the winter, and I love the sound they make. The leader of the flock has been puffing up his neck like a balloon, fanning his tail, and spinning in place for the last two weeks, too. It's so silly looking. At least until it turns into a pigeon gang-bang which is just - no. But pigeons, yeah. Silly.


I have to get back to lesson planning...grarr. I have twelve fairytales to rewrite in a boring way due by Tuesday, plus lessons for fourth and fifth grades and a couple of meetings this week. ::sad:: At least it's only a three-day week...

Holy potatoes, it's windy. It's just absolutely howling out there - you can't tell if it's the wind at first, or low-flying aircraft. But since military planes usually don't fly low over the neighborhood at night, you realize it's the wind a half second later. The winds tomorrow are supposed to be 20-30 mph with gusts to 55 mph. Couple that with a daytime high temp of 33F, that makes for nasty windchills. I'm betting the kids have indoor recess tomorrow, too. Joy!

On the other hand, today was a great day to just sleep in, do laundry, eat cookies, and watch DS9 episodes all day. I'm re-evaluating my opinion on Sisko after having watched the sixth season episode Waltz. That was a damn fine episode. These DVDs were a great investment. Ah, geekery! It beats the hell out of reality all the time, at any rate. :D


Aug. 6th, 2007 11:54 pm

So, camping with my family was a lot of fun! Who knew? It helped that there was a really nice bathroom/shower facility. It turns out that the place I've gone camping with my friends is classified as a "primitive" campground (no showers, sinks, soap, or flushing toilets - that sort of thing), so this was positively luxurious.

We didn't see anything truly remarkable; the highlight of the trip was having a butterfly land on my hand and lick me for upwards of five minutes. Apparently, sunblock tastes good. Also, butterfly 'tongues' are cold and wet, like a microscopic puppy nose. It was a really strange feeling.

The trip back is a little hazy; I was once again dramamined to the gills. I blinked, and the four-hour car ride was over. Niiiice.


Feb. 25th, 2007 08:57 pm

If anyone gets the chance, I highly recommend tonight's episode of Nature on PBS - Andes: The Dragon's Back. The cinematography alone is breathtaking. Everything is simply beautiful. [Dance, flamingoes, dance! :D]


The last week has been very boring, unless you find stomach viruses to be interesting... D: Yeah, I thought not.


Lastly, please to be stop snowing now, thanx!

* I got an A in my summer graduate class. Yay!

* Gangs quietly infiltrate Pocono region. Oh no! (not that I could afford to vacation there, anyway, unless I went camping)

* I donated blood today for the first time in ages. Yay!

* I'm out of chocolate. Oh no!

* Life On Mars is on tonight. Yay!

* I don't know if I'll be able to stay awake for it, what with the blood loss. Oh no!

* I figured out how to record it to DVD. Yay!

* I'm really itchy from the mosquitoes. Oh no!

* Our first monarch butterfly hatched today. Yay!

And now, a moment of Zen... )

::passes out::

uno a uno

Jun. 19th, 2006 09:19 pm

So where's the Jimmy Conrad love? He's got to be the funniest guy on any national team (and he shares for our amusement). How is it that I'm the only one in lj-land to have him listed in my interests? It's criminal, man, just criminal.


Am currently immersed in my week-long grad class. Uuuuugh. I'm afraid that my knees and spine have become permanently cramped for having to sit for so long. Yeah, we get breaks, but cafeteria chairs are none too comfy even taken at two-hour intervals.

The class is interesting, at least, even if I have to write seven papers (!) by the week after next.


The camping trip was a sucess; I saw loads of cool stuff through the telescopes (four of the moons around Jupiter, Saturn's rings, and various star clusters and galaxies), plus several satellites and meteors. And during the daylight hours, I saw some chipping sparrows, ravens (which we don't get where I'm from) and - ::drumroll:: - a pileated woodpecker! Hurrah! Life is good; I'm averaging one sighting every five years at this rate. I'll look for my next sighting when I'm thirty. :-D

Erg, back to work.

- and I saw a cabbage butterfly today! Astounding!

I also watched Disney's Tarzan and The Lion King today. Some days, it's just not worth acting your real age.

ETA: And how did I forget that tonight is the night of the Beaver Moon? Well, dang.

I logged on to check my mail in time to watch the shuttle launch on the internet. Oooh, it's going to start soon. This is so cool. :-)

ETA: Whoa, that was cooler than I thought it'd be. What a rush. I can't even imagine being on board. Towards the end of their ascent, they were accelerating at 13,000+ mph. Crazy.

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