Eeeeep! Eclipse!

I hope you all got a chance to see it; even though it was snowing this afternoon, it cleared up in time for us to enjoy its orange-y wonderfulness. ::is happy::

Okay, counting today, there are only... 19 days until the first day of Spring! :D :D :D :D

To celebrate, I added a link to my "Flower Pictures" friends filter; there are four communities linked in that filter. The most recent one I joined is a community that posts photos of tulips exclusively (one of my all-time favorite spring flowers). Unfortunately, all the posts are in Russian, though that certainly didn't deter me from joining. :D So, for pretty pictures, go visit [ profile] ru_fototulips.


All right, just as importantly, there is a total LUNAR ECLIPSE this Saturday night! Our newspaper said that the moon will be fully eclipsed around 6:21pm EST (I think; I don't have the article in front of me). SO! Here's to hoping that the weather holds out as this eclipse should be visible to most of the world this weekend. :D


Thirdly, my cat had to visit the vet overnight earlier this week because the poor little guy couldn't pee. This is the second time it has happened to him, though he seems to be doing better now since the veterinarians were able to "unplug" him, as it were. It can be a recurring problem with some cats (Why, Buddy? Why did it have to happen to you? Poor little guy...), and so now he has to be put on special veterinarian-supplied (read: expensive) food. Seriously, though, he is worth every penny.


Fourthly, I can hardly wait to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show next Friday. I'm so excited! The theme this year is Ireland. Yay!


And fifthly, if you can believe it, I have a helium balloon that I received on my birthday (Feb. 10th), and, while it is a bit wrinkled, it's still floating and touching the ceiling! Has anyone else ever heard of this? I mean... c'mon. It's March 1st. It'll be three weeks this Saturday. Anybody else amazed? I wish I had a photo to prove it...

The full moon sure is pretty tonight. :-D

I also got to watch the International Space Station and at least one Iridium satellite pass through the sky tonight, just after dinner. Pretty nifty. If you want to find out when and where you can see a satellite orbit over your neighborhood, just go to


Mar. 7th, 2006 10:09 am

Spacecraft to Slam Into the Moon

"Scientists are plotting out a "crash course" in learning what happens when a European lunar probe slams into the Moon."

Um... what do you think will happen? It will hurtle toward the moon's surface and smash into bits after impact. And people spent money on this?

The name of the probe is "SMART-1". You know, just for added irony.


I've gotten an unexpected day off today. So, hmm. I'm at a loss as to what to do with my time. There are tons of things I can be doing - should be doing, as a matter of fact - but. Here I am. Quelle surprise, really.


I feel like sharing.

One of my all-time favorite albums is Cat Steven's Tea for the Tillerman. There's something about it - maybe because I grew up listening to it in the car on long trips as a child - that gives me warm fuzzies.

Here's Miles from Nowhere via Yousendit. It's an uplifting song, or so I've always thought. Anyway, the record is worth getting still, despite being from 1970 - ha!

It's another full moon night, though they say it was last night while my wall calendars say it's tonight. ::shrug::


Tonight's not supposed to be as cold as last night, but with the low temperature predicted to be at 24 F, I really wish our furnace was working at the moment...


The only things I accomplished today included getting some laundry done and a couple of birthday cards mailed. Otherwise, I spent the whole day reading fic. It was time well-spent, of course.


Saturday I did end up going to Strawbridges - a very wise decision, indeed. I bought two sweaters and a skirt that, all totalled at their original prices, would have cost $120 (an insane amount for clothing no matter which way you slice it). With their going-out-of-business bargains, though, I only paid $27. Ha!


And that's it. That's my story. My life? It's painfully exciting. And I freaking love it.

If you're feeling strangely giddy today, as I am, it may be because there's a full moon tonight. Yep.

Not that we can see it with this weather, of course, but the sensations remain, nonetheless.

Appropriately enough, tomorrow night's moon is called the Full Cold Moon. Might I suggest simply viewing it from your window this time around? Brrr!

- and I saw a cabbage butterfly today! Astounding!

I also watched Disney's Tarzan and The Lion King today. Some days, it's just not worth acting your real age.

ETA: And how did I forget that tonight is the night of the Beaver Moon? Well, dang.

The Hunter's Moon is tonight - see it to believe it.

In other news, my brother might land a job in Boston, which would mean that I'd buy me some Revolution season tickets. With a free place to stay, what's to stop me? Except that there's no way I'm driving straight from Philly to Boston on an every-other week basis... but I would take the train. Less hassle, get some reading done, yeah, I'm there. Go, brother, go!

Here's information on tonight's Harvest Moon. That's all I've got time for, sorry.

From's Sky Calendar:

Thursday, 7/21
Full Moon, 7:00 a.m.

Because this event occurs so close in time to a lunar perigee (the point in the Moon's orbit closest to Earth), this Full Moon appears slightly larger than any other during the year.

Thursday, 7/21
Lunar perigee, 4:00 p.m.

Perigee is the closest point to Earth in the Moon's orbit. This causes tides slightly greater than usual, known as perigean. At this time, the center of the Moon is 357,158 km (about 221,927 miles) from the center of the Earth

July's Full Moon name is The Full Buck Moon.


In other news, I'm totally avoiding all journals that have to do with Harry Potter stuff because I haven't read the new book yet. Actually, I don't plan on reading it any time soon, for that matter. Winter is primarily my book-reading season. There's just too much to do outside during summer and fall, plus there's soccer and baseball to watch. Man, a girl's just got to have her priorities straight, for heaven's sake! :-)

Happy Summer, everyone! Yes, early this morning marked the Summer Solstice. Wow, is this year rolling by or what? And, to top it all off, tomorrow night is June's full moon, sometimes known as the Strawberry moon, among other things. Read more at's Sky Calendar for June.

We've got some freshly chopped and washed strawberries in the fridge - I'm thinking of celebrating summer with strawberry milkshakes tonight! :-)


May. 23rd, 2005 03:21 pm

Tonight's full moon name is the Flower Moon.

And that's all I've got. :-)

It's that time again - time for this month's full moon. :-)

April's is called the Full Pink Moon. It actually occurred early this morning, but if the sky is clear, you can still watch it rise this evening. It'll appear to be full anyway.

If your mood is a bit off, or other people seem to be behaving oddly (my mother, for instance, has gotten very short-tempered and snappish today out-of-the-blue), the moon may be playing a part. There's been nothing scientifically written about this phenomenon that I know of, but one must consider that people don't go loco around the full moon for nothing. :^D

Once again it is time for a Full Moon update. Tonight's full moon is sometimes known as the Maple Sugar Moon, Sap Moon, and Worm Moon, among others. As always, you can read about the full moon names and their meanings at Full Moon Names for 2005, NASA's page and Keith's Moon Page: Moon Names.

Here in southeastern Pennsylvania there is a rainbow ring around the moon tonight, as well as a slew of clouds rolling in to periodically obscure it. It's breathtaking.

And despite it being in the low 40's, I heard my first spring peepers of the season while I was moon watching. Spring is here! :^)

So tomorrow is the night of the Snow Moon (the name for February's full moon), and we're expecting, you guessed it, a snow storm. Ah-ha, Nature, you're so funny.

Seriously, though, the moon was looking rather spectacular this evening which brightened things up for me (both literally and figuratively, natch).

And now for a moment of zen: Astronomers discover first invisible galaxy. "The universe has all sorts of secrets still to reveal to us, but this shows that we are beginning to understand how to look at it in the right way," said astronomer Jon Davies of Cardiff University in the UK."

Man, I love science. It's so riddled with irony.

Mmm. Couscous.

Tuesday night is the evening of the Wolf Moon. The moon names discussed refer to the names given by native North American peoples, but are interesting, and possibly applicable to other regions, nonetheless.

Thank you, It's so nice being able to stay up-to-date on astronomical goings-on, despite living in an area where the night sky is generally washed out by ambient light.

The moon this evening rose first red, then turned to orange, and finally to its normal yellow-white. It was really beautiful. I find it interesting, too, as this is the waning Corn Moon (though I've seen it referred to as other moon names), and corn can come in each of those colors, some good for eating and, not.

Unlike tonight's moon, however, my Sea Monkeys never did change color from red to orange to pale yellow, as advertized. Granted, a few have grown larger than the ones I recollect having had as a child, so maybe not all is lost. One out of two claims may not be bad for a "product" based on the unpredictable-ness of aquatic invertebrate genetics (I'm making that up, of course; there may very well be someone out there who can predict the possible phenotypes inherent in so-called "hybrid" Sea Monkey offspring. What do I know?). And they are kind of cute, swimming in circles around the mason jar as if they had never visited that particular point along the perimeter several times that day already. Heck, if you're a Sea Monkey, I imagine that everything is New! and Different! and therefore Exciting! every second of your existence.

Which is probably a good thing, considering that they really don't live very long.

There may have been a point to this post at some time before I started typing which included the reasons for my not being around (and dealt with babysitting infant and three-year-old cousins, playing taxi service to my dear old uncle, and actually, gasp, going to work at the start of this oh-so-bright-and-shiny new school year), but, alas, I was distracted by the illusory color-changing antics of our natural satellite. Such is life, I suppose.

That is all.

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