Tonight I'm going to look over some new work by [ profile] seraphtrevs! ::rubs hands together in glee:: But first:

Meet your future robotic overlords' new weapons to spy on us and keep us in line!

Here's the Festo company website.

Maybe it's the glowing blue eyes on the penguins that makes them both kinda creepy and totally awesome.

Oh god, I love science. Even if it's going to spell out our inevitable demise. :D

My new hibiscus! My new hibiscus!
I think this post is pretty self-explanatory. :D

Happy Memorial Day, folks! I hope everyone is enjoying their day and maybe even getting the chance to talk to some vets. Most of the people in my family who served are dead now, but it's still a good reminder of everything they did for us.

Yesterday was a freaking fantastic day for me because I got to tune in and watch the livestream of the space shuttle Atlantis return from its mission. They're playing highlights of the mission and the landing on the NASA TV page. It was amazing to first see the computer-model approach the shuttle was taking in real-time over the Pacific Ocean and hear the announcer live call the velocity and altitude. I mean, these were mind-blowing numbers - over 3,000 miles per hour and 300,000 feet at times. The shuttle went from Hawaii to California in minutes. Seriously, you should just let the video play.

Sometimes I think we take the space program for granted, especially since they'd already gone to the moon and all that before a lot of us were even born, so it's something that's always been around. I gained a better appreciation of the shuttle program when I listened to an episode of Astronomy Cast. It was an episode from February, and it literally gave me goosebumps. Goosebumps, I tell you. You can listen to the mp3 here.

1.) I was pretty bummed this past Monday when I remembered that there wasn't any more Chuck to be had for the season. Well, hopefully it's just for the season. ::sigh:: I even got my family Subway on finale night, and the episodes hold up to frequent re-watching. Here's looking forward to the season two dvd set coming out in the future.

2.) I can't say the same for Heroes. I mean, I enjoyed the cracktasticness that was this season for the most part, but I've long since stopped keeping up with any fan-related shenanigans for this show. If it hadn't been for [ profile] seraphtrevs and The 10th Wonder podcast, I probably would've missed an episode or two and never gotten back into watching it. I'll still be watching it next year, but I doubt I'll ever be invested in any of the characters or storylines again (prove me wrong, writers!).

3.) My cousin convinced me to borrow his Lost season 1 dvd set - oh lord, someone save me from getting involved in another tv series!

4.) At least I can still look forward to a couple more episodes of Castle - it's really cute.

5.) It's finally stopped raining! There was actual sunshine today, and I washed my car for the second time in a month. Good day. :)

6.) And now for some spring pictures! )

Calendar dates don't really count - as far as I'm concerned, it's SPRING.

Exhibit A:

Crocus and daffodils from our front garden, taken this afternoon.

Exhibit B:

The birds have been singing in the mornings for the last week and a half, AND, on Monday night, I heard SPRING PEEPERS. *gasp!* So cute! The last couple of evenings I've walked at the park, and the frogs are just extraordinarily loud and wonderful. :D

All right, I'm keeping this post around to review for a while since the temperature is set to drop for the forseeable future.


A few weeks ago I installed Google Earth on my computer, knowing that this new machine could handle all of the new features and layers (and it's so, so much fun). So far I've played with the nifty nature/sea life layers and the USGS earthquake reports, as well as explored Mars. SO COOL.

Then last night I decided to bring things back a little closer to home and looked for the apartment complex I lived in as a kid, and awww, the memories! THERE was the parking lot where we used to ride our bikes, and THERE was the pond with the water fountain where we'd fish for sunnies and try to catch bullfrogs, and THERE were the buildings where our friends from Poland, Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, Guyana, Ukraine, and Pakistan lived, and THERE was the field where we played baseball until the day my brother broke a window with a ball and we decided that heh, wiffle ball wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Seriously, nothing has changed (and the images were from June 2007, so recent enough). Also, growing up in an apartment complex has to be one of the best things ever for a kid - we had a playground, tennis court, the above-mentioned pond, tons of diverse friends, and space to roam around. Of course, it was the late 80s, mostly (we moved from there in '92), so we were given free reign to play in and explore a large area with very little to worry about.

Aww, so nostalgic... ::goes outside to play::

So I watched Chuck last night, and - aww. I just love this show. Last night it had me laughing, tearing up, and going awww in alternating bits.

cut for episode details )

I really hope we get another season of Chuck next year. :)

Also, I plan on getting caught up on Heroes fic and the like hopefully beginning this weekend. After last night's show (which was a heck of a lot of fun, too), I'm kinda feeling the love for fannish things again. :)

I don't trust to nothin'
But I know it come out right

So I've been pretty sick the last two weeks with this damn head/chest cold, but today I woke up, and even though I'm still pretty congested, I could just tell that I'm finally on the mend. It's a fantastic feeling... and, aw, immune system - I knew that you'd come through. Eventually. And slower than I'd like. But still!

And someone needs to come up with a way to use snot as a natural fuel to make electricity. Viruses sure as hell aren't going anywhere, and we need to take advantage of them for a change. I'm just saying. :P

I also spent four solid days where I couldn't taste anything, which was kind of hilarious because I got to amaze my family with eating all sorts of things that I normally can't stand, like horseradish and jalapeno dip. I could sort of detect a tingle of some kind on my tongue, but that was it. But when it came time for my birthday, and I couldn't taste my birthday cake, it was a little depressing. I'm glad things are going back to normal.

Speaking of anniversaries, I missed my five-years-on-lj anniversary at the end of January. Holy crap, that's a long time.

Standing on a tower
World at my command
You just keep it turnin'
While I'm playin' in the band

You can just tell how he was a teacher - he's really good at explaining things. ♥

So I've been absent the last week with a cold that's just simply kicked my butt (I tried drugging it into submission with dayquil and the like - which I can't remember ever doing before - and it scoffed at me). Needless to say, I very much enjoyed Chuck and Heroes last week, and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night. I know that I saw the previews for this week, but, like much of the past seven days, I don't remember them. On the upside, I'll be pleasantly surprised! :D

During the times I wasn't at work or wishing for unconsciousness, I downloaded a crapload of bluegrass music from iTunes. Now, I'm not a country/western music fan by any means, but a couple of years ago I went to a bluegrass festival in Gettysburg on a lark and really enjoyed it. There was one group there that really stood out for me called Uncle Earl. It was an all-girl band, and one of the singers sang songs in Chinese.

Can you see where this is going?

Anyway, if you want to try something new, look for the track called "Song of the Traveling Daughter" from the album of the same name by Abigail Washburn. And for a whole album in the same vein that's in both English and Chinese, try Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet. I've been mixing it up with other stand-alone songs from Uncle Earl, like "Warfare" and "There Is a Time", and a gospel song I heard live at the festival by the group Blue Highway called "Wondrous Love".

And lastly! If you haven't been paying attention, [ profile] seraphtrevs has posted chapters one and two of the third book (Summer) of her epic Heroes story If You Were the Last Man on Earth. Hot damn, I love this series.

I hope everyone is enjoying their winter holiday(s) of choice! : )


Dec. 19th, 2008 01:24 pm

It's Friday, I'm not working today (goodbye, old job! >:D), and it's pouring. I should be writing out my Christmas cards, but I like to keep up my tradition of having my cards always being the last to arrive. (...what?)


Annoyances. )

Happy things. )


Dec. 10th, 2008 08:50 am

Happy Birthday, [ profile] seraphtrevs! :D

I hope you have a super awesome day! ^___^

So things are going fairly decent at the moment. Yesterday was super awesome with a large gathering of about a fifth of my mother's family present (there were only 18 of us) and a nice dinner had by all. And I got to geek out over comics with my cousins before and after dinner. Success!

Today I slept in and then did nothing but some dishes and download television episodes.

I'm not brave enough to go shopping this weekend, though I'm eyeing some things online that I can order for people. I think instead I'm going to spend my time actually relaxing and not worrying about life, the universe, and everything. It's something of a mental vacation, if you will.

It's going to be fantastic.

I hope everybody else can find some time to relax and enjoy the holidays, too! :D

This is the third presidential election I've voted in and only the first time the person I've voted for has won! Third time's the charm?

I'm so happy right now!!! :D :D :D \o/

Ahem. Anyway. :D?

Last Philly picture post, promise )

I left my ADD-laden review over at [ profile] seraphtrevs' lj. In short, I'm totally psyched for the rest of the season because there's some really scary business going down in Heroes-land. I'm not even going to let the 13 pages of comment-wank at [ profile] heroes_tv get me down, no sir. :D

Also, the guy Matt meets in the desert - Rafiki from The Lion King! Staff and everything! Anyone else think so? :D?

...yeah, I'm going to go get some much-needed coffee now. I'm so, so glad I didn't have to get up early today. Whew.

That is all. :D

Yay! I love Rachel Maddow, and now she has her own tv show!

Also, one of my other favorite people, Ron Reagan, has a new show on Air America, and iTunes already has it up for download.

Now the big question is... am I going to be able to stay awake late enough to take them both in? Thank goodness for today's technology...

ETA: What?! I missed Michelle Obama on Ellen today? Nooo! Clearly, I've been spending too much time job hunting, watching the Travel Channel, and trying to cook ethnic vegetarian food. Once again, the internets are to the rescue.

Since I've mainly done highway driving on this last tank of gas, I figured, what the heck, what's my gas mileage?

33.7 mpg, baby! :D

Not bad for a little car that's going on seven years old. It also helps that I usually try to bum rides to local places with my mom in her hybrid as much as possible, too. ;^)

So, um, San Diego Comic Con. I seem to be planning on going as I have already registered for it. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I must be feeling some kind of crazy, but the last couple of days I've just been getting more and more excited. I have not been to a convention (outside of the Philadelphia Flower Show) since I was 12. And the four day pass was seriously less expensive than I would have thought (but omg, airfare rates right now are $600+. Thank you, IRS, for giving me my tax return today, because I have already spent it).

This was all prompted by my comrade, [ profile] seraphtrevs, mentioning it to me, me mentioning it to my Mom who was all like, whut? are you crazy? You should totally go!, and the fact that my brother is going to Jamaica in May (yes, I have travel!envy). And you know what? THEY ARE ALL THREE RIGHT!

Yay, California!

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