Apr. 5th, 2006 10:22 pm

So. This satellite TV thing... it's a trade off. We get all of these nifty channels that we never got before, like the National Geographic channel, the Travel channel, and some satellite radio stations... but we no longer get Comcast Sports Net. Which means that I can no longer watch the Phillies play. And then I thought, well, at least there's the deuce, right? But no! The Phils and Cards game on ESPN2 was blocked for us tonight! And yet my brother, in Boston, can watch them play. Where's the justice in that? Where?


Also, to any and all who insist on driving while talking on your cell phones and tailgating me on my way home from work: Your days are numbered, man. You're going to be in a world of hurt when I slam on my brakes to avoid hitting the raccoon that runs across the road (yes, it will be a rabid raccoon, or so it must be at four in the afternoon), and you rear-end me. Or rather, myself and my little Ford Escort will be in a world of hurt, you mother-f-ing Lexus SUV drivers. ::seethes:: Anyway, I hope you've got insurance. >:P


Mar. 7th, 2006 10:09 am

Spacecraft to Slam Into the Moon

"Scientists are plotting out a "crash course" in learning what happens when a European lunar probe slams into the Moon."

Um... what do you think will happen? It will hurtle toward the moon's surface and smash into bits after impact. And people spent money on this?

The name of the probe is "SMART-1". You know, just for added irony.


I've gotten an unexpected day off today. So, hmm. I'm at a loss as to what to do with my time. There are tons of things I can be doing - should be doing, as a matter of fact - but. Here I am. Quelle surprise, really.


I feel like sharing.

One of my all-time favorite albums is Cat Steven's Tea for the Tillerman. There's something about it - maybe because I grew up listening to it in the car on long trips as a child - that gives me warm fuzzies.

Here's Miles from Nowhere via Yousendit. It's an uplifting song, or so I've always thought. Anyway, the record is worth getting still, despite being from 1970 - ha!

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