So this evening I decided to procrastinate on school work and make cupcakes instead. I tend to use baking/washing dishes time as my chance to catch up on video podcasts and TV shows, and I figured I could use the time tonight to watch the latest two episodes of Chuck. First show was fine and enjoyable. The second one - the one from this most recent Monday night - was fine except for one line.

One line that just completely pulled me out of the whole story.

There are very slight spoilers below if you haven't seen it yet.

What really bothered me... )


Mar. 8th, 2010 09:18 pm

Tonight's Chuck = Yay! I've been waiting since season one for tonight's developments. :D :D :D

Also, next week's episode looks scary. Cool, but scary.

...except, I haven't really been here. I've gone on some mini-trips (awesome), and I've been job hunting (same old, same old). I probably won't be around much for a good, long while still - at least not until the new season of Chuck starts, which is really the only show I care about anymore. I'll still watch Heroes - sure. But I haven't been interested in the fandom for several months now. If you only friended me for updates about that, no hard feelings if you want to un-friend me (or is it de-friend? Oh well).

This weekend I finished reading Lonesome Dove and was utterly blown away by it. It truly was an epic book, and I never wanted it to end. ::sigh:: I picked up the sequel from the library today - I'm looking forward to another good read. I also finished a story called St. Agnes' Stand. It was also a western, and it was a good action-adventure story with two interesting characters (a loner and a nun - yes, really!). If you are ever inclined to read it, fair warning on some gory moments; I admit to being pretty squeamish, and I lost my appetite a few times while reading. Luckily, it only took me a day and a half to read (or not so luckily - I could stand to eat less!).

Tomorrow morning, around 1:30 AM Eastern time, there's a shuttle launch scheduled that I plan to try to stay up for. This mission is STS-128, and for those keeping track, it's the one that's going to carry the treadmill named after Stephen Colbert to the ISS.

Finally, good luck, Discovery crew!

1.) I was pretty bummed this past Monday when I remembered that there wasn't any more Chuck to be had for the season. Well, hopefully it's just for the season. ::sigh:: I even got my family Subway on finale night, and the episodes hold up to frequent re-watching. Here's looking forward to the season two dvd set coming out in the future.

2.) I can't say the same for Heroes. I mean, I enjoyed the cracktasticness that was this season for the most part, but I've long since stopped keeping up with any fan-related shenanigans for this show. If it hadn't been for [ profile] seraphtrevs and The 10th Wonder podcast, I probably would've missed an episode or two and never gotten back into watching it. I'll still be watching it next year, but I doubt I'll ever be invested in any of the characters or storylines again (prove me wrong, writers!).

3.) My cousin convinced me to borrow his Lost season 1 dvd set - oh lord, someone save me from getting involved in another tv series!

4.) At least I can still look forward to a couple more episodes of Castle - it's really cute.

5.) It's finally stopped raining! There was actual sunshine today, and I washed my car for the second time in a month. Good day. :)

6.) And now for some spring pictures! )

Cut for spoilers and stream-of-consciousness rambling. :)

Chuck! )

Heroes! )

Castle! )

Yay, Mondays! :D

In other news, there's a nifty Eagle Cam that you can watch. Situated in New Jersey, it's a video of nesting bald eagles. There were three eggs in the nest this weekend, and one of the eggs hatched yesterday. So far I've been able to watch the parent eagles take turns sitting on the nest and feed the baby. They had dragged a huge fish up to the nest yesterday, and this afternoon it looked like there was a squirrel. And the baby eagle is an adorable little fluffball, if you get the chance to see it. More often than not, one of the parents is sitting on it. It'll be interesting to see if either of the two eggs that are left end up hatching.

Oh, and look at that. I can embed it:

Of course, it's dark out now, but be sure to check it out tomorrow, East Coast time (GMT -4).

I loved how during last night's Heroes episode there were cameos made by Skip Johnson and Fernando (two Buy More workers from Chuck) in the comics shop. It was as good a geek-out moment as the night both shows played Talking Heads songs.

Yep, that's all. :D

So I watched Chuck last night, and - aww. I just love this show. Last night it had me laughing, tearing up, and going awww in alternating bits.

cut for episode details )

I really hope we get another season of Chuck next year. :)

Also, I plan on getting caught up on Heroes fic and the like hopefully beginning this weekend. After last night's show (which was a heck of a lot of fun, too), I'm kinda feeling the love for fannish things again. :)

So! It's the holiday known as the Super Bowl here, and we're gearing up (with food, of course) for the various extended family members who will be celebrating in our house. My parents are both Pittsburgh Steelers fans, so I guess it's a Big Deal. Football's really not my thing (too many commercials for my taste), but my cousin who supplies me with comic books is coming over, so maybe I can steal him for a while to show off my Serenity comics.

But what I'm more excited for is tomorrow. I'll be up early for a long work day, but the payoff is going to be oh-so-good. Of course, Heroes volume four is going to premiere, and that's going to be all kinds of awesome, but there's also Chuck! I love that show to itty bitty bits. It doesn't even matter that it's going to be in 3D, but it's going to be cool to see like that, anyway. My family picked up 12 3D glasses from ShopRite yesterday, so we're going to be set!

I was on imdb the other day, and there were all of these negative reviews for Chuck, and I was like, what? Really? How can you not love a show that's funny, has plenty of action/adventure, adorable characters, and an on-going storyline that isn't so deep in mythology that if you miss an episode, you're not going to be totally lost when you pick it back up again? ::raspberries:: :D

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