Jan. 30th, 2010

Wow, six years on LJ as of yesterday!

I dug up an old website I ran with my college roommate the other week hosted on angelfire (circa 1999!). It's still out there, no Wayback Machine needed. My first blog on pitas.com exists, too, and that was started up in the fall of 2000. It kinda makes me wonder where the old machines/servers are running that host these things. Are they just shut up in some old room in a warehouse or office someplace, draining electricity? Who is it that just doesn't have the heart to destroy the random babblings of folks from ten years ago?

Imagine being the techno-historian of a hundred years in the future who has to wade through all of this stuff. If you ever wonder about your legacy to the future (I do, not having kids or anything), you know, this might be it. Just think of the famous people of the past. They're only famous because someone wrote about them or they wrote about themselves. Anne Frank? We'd never have known of her courage if she hadn't kept a journal. Now, there are millions of people who keep journals and blog about current events. Man, first-person historical perspectives will be everywhere to shed light on things for the generations to come. Just some thoughts!

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