Tonight for dinner: ice cream, chips, and cookies.

... what?

That's not how you starve a cold? Oops.

I just can't help picking up respiratory ailments because little kids tend to cough in my face constantly. There are three of us teachers that I know of who work with primary kids, and we're all of us fighting the squeaky-voice and sore throat. I swear I pick it up whenever I have to tie shoes. If you're kneeling in front of a first grader, forget it, man. You're in the firing zone for air-borne germs.

I just want to be better for Saturday because I'm hopping a bus down to D.C. to see Jon Stewart & Co. at their Rally for Sanity. I think it's going to be a blast - even if there are so many people down there that it's hard to see anything (that's what DVR is for).

Also, Halloween! I love Halloween - I'm going to drive over to my parents' house to help give out candy. I've even got a choice of costumes this year: pirate or mad scientist. Muahahahaha.

Lastly, the election! I can hardly wait to vote. All the election brouhaha has been really interesting, and now I want to see how things turn out. Will the Republicans gain back a lot of control? Will the silent, rational, free-thinkers step up to keep a Democratic majority for both the House and the Senate? The suspense is getting to me! =D

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